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Coco's KustomsNothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

About Cocos Kustoms
Cocos Kustoms is the brain child of Colin Nicol.

Cocos Kustoms came into being when the desire to create became too overwhelming and the disillusion generated by sub standard work performed by some of the specialists became too much.

With the skills for nearly all the work required so why not break free from the servitude and go for it. The evidence is right in front of you so if you would like something stunning created for you then get in touch.

Cocos Kustoms are based in East Calder near Edinburgh in Scotland.

Colin Nicol (aka Coco)
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Cocos passion for engineering and motor vehicles came from his dad. His father had served his time at Rolls-Royce and as a biker had spent many years working on and customising bikes. This influence rubbed off on Coco. His current bike is a work of art and is blow painted in Led Zeppelin art work. Nice.

Cocos dad bought him his first" custom car" mag then Volksworld as he noticed Coco was always playing with his ZZ top album covers with the hot rods on them.

Cocos working career started by washing cars in the summer at his local Mercedes garage. Cocos first Beetle was funded by washing German tin for two years.

One day the apprentice got the sack and Coco was asked if he fancied it and jumped at the opportunity and began his career as a Mercedes mechanic.
Cocos first car and bug is what developed his passion for the air-cooled VW stable and he has not looked back since.

Sixteen plus years with the Mercedes dealership has seen Coco working on both modern and classic Mercs and a variety of exotic tin. This has provided an appreciation for engineering, clean lines and symmetry that working on your common family hack ever could.

As time has ticked on and many ideas have developed, the desire to be designing, fabricating and building one offs started to take over. It was only a matter of time before that desire had to be channeled and Cocs Kustoms was born.
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